Paws for a Cause Fun Run Online Form

Paws for a Cause Fun Run Form

  • Event Fee

    - Pre-registration $25.00 March 15th, 2017 - April 7th, 2017 (Pre-registration will guarantee a T-Shirt)

    - Late registration is after April 7th, 2017 and on-site registration $30.00 (T-Shirts not guaranteed)
  • Race will take place at Broach Park in Pittsburg, TX 75686 across the street from the Emmanuel Baptist Church

    Package pick up for pre-registered participants and on-site registration will be from 7:00am to 7:45am that morning.

    The 5K/1K Fun Run & Walk will start at 8:00am

    Please make checks payable to Paws for a Cause - Jennifer Broers DVM Please mail in your check, or drop it off at Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic

    All entry form along with SIGNED waiver forms can be mailed to or dropped off at Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic 203 N Greer Blvd Pittsburg, TX 75686

    No checks will be accepted the day of event

  • Waiver and Release Form

    I am aware that participating in the 1K/5K Paws for a Cause run and walk can be dangerous and involve MANY RISKS OF INJURY. These risks include, but are not limited to, neck and spinal injuries, injury to bones, joints, ligaments/tendons, muscles, and death. Since dogs will be on site, there is added risk of general health and well-being including dog bites to both dogs and humans.

    I understand that participating in the 1K/5K Paws for a Cause run or walk may result not only in injury, but could possibly impair my future abilities to earn a living, engage fully in business, social or recreational activities, and could impair myself of my dog's quality of life.

    If bringing a dog: Kennel Cough and the Canine Flu (H3N2) are contagious respiratory viruses that are common at crowded public events. Parvo virus is also contagious, especially to puppies. I understand that having my dog at this event could expose them to various illnesses. Rabies can be transmitted through bites to both animals and humans.

    Having your dog up to date on vaccinations will greatly reduce these risks

    Because of the possible risk involved, I recognize the important of following all of the course/race rules and regulations, and agree to obey such rules.

    I hereby assume all responsibility and risks associated with participation and agree to not hold Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic, The City of Pittsburg, representatives, or volunteers responsible for those risks. I understand that Pittsburg Veterinary Clinic, The City of Pittsburg, Titus Count Shelter Friends, and the Mount Pleasant Shelter will not be held liable for any action, debt, claims, or demands of any kind that may arise in connection with my participation in any activity related to the 1K/5K Paws for a Cause event.
  • As the parent/guardian, I have read the above risks and understand the terms. I understand that participation in the 1K/5K Paws for a Cause can involve MANY RISKS OF INJURY to my or my pet, including but not limited to the risks outlined above.
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